#14 – Sri Lanka

I’ve been off the radar recently, but I have a good excuse. I have been, very literally, to the end of the world.

I’ve never done the whole travelling thing before. When I was at Uni I spent my summers working to afford the next year at Uni. I jumped from job to job and when I finally finished my Masters, I had already begun a full-time job in London.

When Hannah threw the Sri Lanka shaped curve-ball into the holiday suggestions at the start of the year, I didn’t take much convincing and for the past three weeks I have been travelling around one of the most diverse nations on the planet.

I mean, Sri Lanka is incredible.

In the space of three weeks, we visited beaches with turquoise seas and vibrant reefs, safari’s that give the African savanna a run for its money, and hill country that give my own favourite; the Lake District a run for its money. We haven’t even mentioned the nation’s cultural history that older than civilisations.

I don’t think could put these last few weeks into a single blog post. I took over 3000 photos and that’s from someone who tries to minimise photo count to nail shots I’ve thought about.

It’s for that reason that I shall be giving Sri Lanka its own special page on the blog. I want to showcase the best photos I took, and the holiday needs its own page to truly do it justice. Not only was it the best holiday I have ever had (alongside Disney World, and Skiing – every time) it was also a massive learning curve for someone as ‘safe’ and organised as myself.

I hope you look forward to it. It will take me a while to write it, there is so much to include, but I hope that you enjoy it when it’s out. And when it is, you’ll see all my best shots.

In the meantime, enjoy these. Call it a preview.


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