#03 – Bermondsey Beer Mile

A stone’s throw from the Meantime Brewery in Greenwich is the Bermondsey Beer Mile.


It’s a run of microbreweries that line wooden benches out the back of their small warehouses fixed into the arches beneath the overground.


The Fourpure Brewery, along with Partizan Brewing, The Kernel Brewery, Brew by Numbers, and finally, the Anspach and Hobday Brewery are real ‘edgy Greenwich’ style places to drink. They wouldn’t look out of place up in the student hole-ups around Leeds, with their stacks of barrels and farm-sized industrial brewing vats on show for all to see.

The beer is great, something different on show at all of the breweries, all with their own tastes and styles. It’s a wonder I haven’t been to any of these before, that said, I doubt it will be the last time that I go. There is something about craft beer from these places that eclipses what’s on sale at pubs and bars. Fourpure had a huge array on show, over ten lined up on the taps over the counter, and they best thing is that they are all so reasonably priced!


We didn’t make it around all the breweries, being breweries means that they have odd open times. We started at Fourpure and worked from there, but Fourpure happens to be one of only two that are open until 8 o’clock. We had to miss Kernel. If we were to go again, I think reversing the order would be a good thing.

Because of the beer, Sunday was mostly a write off. We did, however, manage to get a round of golf in in the evening, my best round of the year so far, two pars, two eights. If I can cut the eights out, I think I can start putting some good scores in! 106 for the round this time, opposed to 112 and 116 the two previous rounds. If I can play while not hungover, I think I can post a decent score.

Photoshop is part of my editing suit of software now and I’ve finally managed to learn a technique that I have been eager to try for some months.

When I took this photo a few months back at St. Paul’s I had this idea in mind but was never able to make the edits. I think it is an interesting style, and I have a few ideas to replicate it in a series of photos for print – eventually.


More and more, I am developing ideas and things to do with my photography which is something I have never really done before. Apart from a few events, it has mainly been just point and shoot. A couple of my larger projects are coming along quite nicely, hopefully there will be something to show for them sooner rather than later.

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