#01 – …again.

Just over a year ago I started to write a blog.


The aim was to upload a different post each week for a whole month. Here we are a whole year later, 49 posts – two posts covered multiple weeks – and it’s time for an upgrade.

The blog was always intended to be a place for me to share memories and display my photography in my own style. It has certainly done so in more imaginative ways than I ever thought it would do. My photography has benefitted, and, after reading the very first posts in 2016, my writing has too.

I have been looking to update the blog for a while now, and evolve it into something more than a blog, something more like a portfolio website. And so, with a name change, my own domain, and a completely new look, her it is!

In more ways than one this seems like the ideal time to upgrade the format, not only is the blog just over a year ago, but I finally got around to upgrading my camera.

Say hello to the Canon 80D, doesn’t she look pretty?


It has taken me three months to research, compare, obsess over the model and features and finally take the plunge with a purchase. I haven’t even managed to take the 80D out yet, but an initial play with the camera around the house left me very impressed. Exponential improvements in dynamic range render colour and contrast much better, video quality has stepped up and the sensor itself, while not ‘full-frame’ – the focus of much deliberation before purchasing – is greatly improved.

Timing the inception of the revamped blog with the purchase of this little beauty was not coincidence; in fact, it was actually the final contributing factor to the purchase of the camera. The blog has, in many ways, become the driving force behind my photography. It’s not like I have an audience of thousands hanging on my every post, but the blog was never initially intended for an audience other than that of one. The blog was a test of my stick-ability and dedication to a task, I passed and as a result, have developed a nagging guilt whenever it gets to a Wednesday and I haven’t yet uploaded the previous weekend’s post. The bonus is now that a select few people do view the blog and read the contents. But it was time for a change.

The photography elements need to be the centrepiece of the site, hence the name change, and an online portfolio is where I want to move to – check the gallery page for exactly what I mean. I plan to also include little photography projects and standalone event posts to showcase specific elements or challenges of day to day life. The intention of these is to stretch my skills and hone my technique. The writing should support the photos going forward, not the other way around.

There is no major post this weekend, it took a lot longer than it should to revamp the blog, and sandwiched between 200 miles of driving from Peterborough to Nottingham and back to London over the bank holiday, coupled with the fact that I didn’t actually get my camera until bank holiday Monday meant that I literally ran out of time to get the camera out to take some photos.

Who knew that buying a camera could be so difficult? The model I bought I purchased with a stock 18-55mm lens – this isn’t really that important to the story but I didn’t want to come away with a new camera without a stock lens to boot. Anyway, I dragged Hannah this way and that way visiting numerous retailers all of the same name, and to avoid embarrassment I’ll keep their name secret – we’ll call them Chicken Madras.

The 80D is a popular camera it would seem, but thankfully, but the Chicken Madras in Peterborough had a model in stock, only their model was ‘body only’ – meaning no lens. The thing is, the lens – which is a standard lens that comes with most canon models – is an extra £50 in the bundle with that main camera body or an extra £100 sold separately. Chicken Madras were selling the ‘body only’ but the 750D model – a lower bracket camera by Canon – came with the stock lens, so I politely asked whether the 80D could be sold with the stock lens from the 750D since the 80D is quite an investment. Reasonable request you’d have thought – they said no. So I asked again politely and subtly – if subtly means throwing a metaphorical brick through a window – hinted that if the stock lens was sold with it I’d buy it there and then, but if not I’d buy it from somewhere else, still the answer was no, and repeating the process at Nottingham Chicken Madras only returned the same issue.

Anyway, long story short, even though you had the long story, I got the Canon from John Lewis whose customer service was outstanding.

I can’t wait to get the 80D out and about over the next few weeks, and I’ll make sure that all the best photos are up on here as soon as it is humanly possible to do so.

1 thought on “#01 – …again.

  1. Loving the new website Alex!

    Now we need to find somewhere to go and take your camera out to. Preferably somewhere near a nice cafe so I can get a coffee/cake and people watch whilst you grapple with new settings 🙂


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